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Every story starts with an idea. Some good, some not so good. For anyone not familiar with the Calricaraq series I’ve been plugging away on since 2015, did you know it didn’t start out as a series?

It’s true. Soaring Alone was my first novel. It was a thrill just to say I’d finally done it. I’d taken an idea, fleshed it out, and voila! A book was born. Then, my childhood best friend asked for Starr’s story. —I didn’t even know she had a story! Soaring Alone was Rachel’s story and Starr was a secondary character. Sure, she played a big part, but this wasn’t about her!

Until, it was. And the opening scene from Soaring Alone, when Starr told Rachel she was going to take some time off work, turned into Starr’s cross country move in Shooting Sdax. There, in San Francisco, Sdax (Starr’s wounded inner child) came on stage and Morris (Oscar) followed. The two managed to leave quite a mess in their wake.


Hence, Starring Alaska. I couldn’t very well leave the mess, could I? And who doesn’t love Alaska? I know I do! So why not combine a fabulous cast of characters with the state that I love?

Only I’d painted myself into a corner. I couldn’t circle back to Starr’s grandma’s story in Starring Alaska if Starr didn’t even know the story. That wouldn’t make any sense. —Can you sense where this is going?

I tore Betty’s (the grandma) story out of the soon-to-be-published manuscript of Starring Alaska and set it aside for the time being. Now, with 4 1/2 months before release date, I’m hastily writing Saving Betty, which will be the final book in the Calricaraq series! I’m so excited about this story and can’t wait to see how it turns out. —But wait, there’s more…

Since the series is all about healthy living and Starr is a therapist, I decided to add a little flare to the series. Available now, in paperback form, is Searching Self, an interactive journal. It’s a beautiful cover was designed by Cathy Walker and myself and I love it! I’m expecting a proof copy soon, but couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

Who knew that a simple idea (tell me Starr’s story) could generate so much? I’m so thankful for my dear friend, Anji, who asked for Starr’s story. I hope you enjoy all of the books in the Calricaraq series as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

Calricaraq series
The Calricaraq series

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